An Introduction to Me!

Welcome to Memoirs of the Museum! My name is Hannah Padulo and I am from Rochester, New York. As I am blogging newbie, please be understanding of the period of adjustment while I learn the ins and outs of creating weekly blog posts. I graduated in 2016 from a very small college in New York, Elmira, with a degree in History. I have a strong interest in Latin American and European history and I minored in Spanish.

After graduation, I moved from New York to Washington, DC where I am now in my second year of George Washington University’s Museum Studies program. I first fell in love with this city as an eight-year-old on a family trip. My younger sister slept through our nighttime tour of the monuments, but I was filled with wonder. After the obligatory 8th grade trip and a few more visits as a family, I knew I wanted to end up living here at some point in my life. A visit during my undergrad as a part of an introductory museum studies course made GW an easy choice for graduate school.

Museums have been a part of my life since I was very young and my family became members of the Rochester Museum and Science Center. A couple of years ago, I had the opportunity to intern in the RMSC’s collections department which helped me decide that I would love to build a career in collections. In my last semester as an undergrad, I participated in a travel course at Elmira, which is a six-week study abroad opportunity. We met the academic requirements on campus in the first two weeks of the course and then I traveled to the United Kingdom and Ireland for the remaining four weeks. Through this course I was able to visit museums in Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England. I would love to live and work in the United Kingdom in the future.

Although the posts for the first few weeks on this blog will be related to the relationship between museums and digital technology (for a GW class), I would like to continue the blog as a discussion of current conversations in the museum community. My interests for possible future post topics include how museums make their exhibitions and collections accessible to their audience, the future of museums, and how to balance accessibility and conservation of objects.


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