Six weeks of blogging

I have now been blogging for six weeks, so I thought this week’s post would be my reaction to blogging in general. Before starting my own blog, I had absolutely no experience writing blog posts. I had visited other blogs before, but I didn’t think that this style of writing would work well for me. I’ve had a bit of trouble getting used to not only using the site, but also posting. I’m still not completely comfortable with the process, but it is definitely getting easier.

There have been a few adjustments for someone who is used to writing long research papers. Obviously the length of blog posts is much shorter and sometimes I just let myself type out a draft only to realize that I’ve gone on for entirely too long and then need to edit and shorten the post. Posting weekly has also been a challenge for me so far, especially if there is a week in which I’m not feeling particularly inspired by anything I’ve come across that week. I’ve tried to set a schedule of writing so that on Thursdays I brainstorm ideas and choose which one I like best, on Fridays or Saturdays I draft the post and finally on Sunday I edit and publish the post.

I’ve also had difficulty adjusting to the largely informal tone of blogging. To me, blogging feels a bit like journaling, which is something I’ve tried in the past but can’t seem to really commit to. To avoid the inevitable end that all of my previous journaling attempts have seen, I try to approach it like I would a research paper by outlining and looking at articles about the topic and what others in the sector are saying about the topic. This has helped make me feel more comfortable with the process of writing blog posts.

Another adjustment that I’ve had to overcome is sharing undeveloped ideas to potentially anyone. A very large part of my personality is that I’m an introvert who dislikes sharing a thought before I have fully developed it and deemed it ready to be shared. It is something that I worked to overcome during undergrad and I have had a bit of success. However, it’s definitely something that I continually work on. Starting a blog that I knew would have posts without fully developed thoughts was intimidating for me, but I was also excited to have the opportunity to grow in this aspect of my life. I know that in discussions such as the ones that I address, unfinished thoughts are welcomed and added on to by others to continue the discussion, so I’m glad that I have been able to start asking questions about these undeveloped thoughts that I have so that others might have a response. Overall I’ve enjoyed starting this blog and I look forward to improving it as I continue.



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