211Hi! I’m Hannah Padulo, a 22 year old Museum Studies student at George Washington University interested in collections work. I graduated in 2016 from Elmira College with a B.A. in History and a minor in Spanish. I love museums, books, history, and traveling. So far, my travels have taken me to the United Kingdom and Ireland and I can’t wait to add to the list! I also have a slight obsession with peanut butter, Taylor Swift, and watching The Bachelor, but I’ll try to refrain from referencing them in my posts.

I want this blog to be a place of discussion of current conversations in the museum community. My interests for possible future post topics include how museums make their exhibitions and collections accessible to their audience, the future of museums, and how to balance accessibility and conservation of objects.

The posts will contain my thoughts about the topics I discuss and many times these may be unresolved so I welcome you to add your thoughts to the discussion!

You can follow me on Twitter or Instagram to follow my adventures in D.C. and read more of my thoughts on museums.